I am both proud and excited to be appointed the first Headteacher of Chertsey High School. I am determined to establish a school that is guided by Christian values, puts the children at the heart of everything we do and insists on the highest expectations for all. The staff we appoint will be first-class and ensure that every one of our students leave us as responsible, well-qualified young people, ready to make a valued contribution to society.



Our Houses

  • Nightingale 3204 PTS
  • Tolkien 2129 PTS
  • Wilberforce 1956 PTS
  • Newton 2775 PTS
  • Garrett Anderson 1710 PTS
    • Student

      of Newton House

      Before I started at Chertsey High School, I was really excited about being a part of a brand new school where the future of the school is molded by the pupils’ choices. This is because the teachers and staff let the pupils make the decisions about their future. However, despite all of my excitement for the new school before I started, I did have my worries and doubts like everyone else.

      Firstly, I would just like to make it very clear that a school is not a building, it is a community of intelligent adults who want to teach determined children knowledge of the world in a loving way. If you do not believe that then, in my opinion CHS is not the right place for you or your child to go to. Secondly, detentions are only set to help you learn wrong from right and to become a better person.

      I love being a part of CHS and I wouldn’t change it for anything. All of the staff are really kind and helpful and their lessons are educational, but fun. I don’t have a favourite subject as I love them all the same, but I do have to say that it gets very explosive in science!

    • Student

      of Nightingale House

      I love being a pupil at CHS, the teachers are all very nice and they work you very hard to get the best grades that you can. When I started back in September 2017, I found the rules very strict, but now that I am used to them, I know exactly what is expected from me.

      Mrs Munnik is an amazing Headteacher. She knows us all so well, our good and bad points, and teaches us about knowledge, determination and love. Mrs Munnik encourages us all to be the best person we can be.

      I have made so many new friends since joining Chertsey High and I enjoy spending time with them both in and out of school. I enjoy lots of subjects but particularly Maths, Science and PE. Mr Ball, our PE teacher makes it so much fun and encourages us to be very competitive, but also to be kind and understanding if someone is finding things difficult. We have a lot of homework but I now understand how important it is to get it done and I really enjoy getting better grades, so it is worth doing it properly.

      I feel really lucky to have got a place last year and I look forward to the new Year 7’s this September as I know they will be very happy… just like me!

    • Student

      of Nightingale House

      For any child going into Year 7 it is a nerve racking experience (not only for all the students but also for our parents). At Chertsey High, all of our outstanding staff did everything in their power to make us feel welcome and helped us to settle in quickly in our new school. 

      I now feel like I am part of a great community that is always trying to improve and that always strives to make an impact. Even though Chertsey High is a new school, we have had every opportunity that every other secondary school offers and more.

      Our teachers encourage us to be determined and to always try our hardest at any task given. At our school “I give us” is not in our vocabulary. Every single teacher loves each student that steps foot in our building and I could not be happier to start my secondary education in this school. 

      If this is what our school can accomplish in just a few short terms – I look forward to my future here!

      I know that Chertsey High will help me achieve the best grade possible and will help be realise all my dreams as my life continues.

    • Student

      of Nightingale House

      I think Chertsey High School is a great school because everyone here is so friendly, including the teachers. 

      The teachers are amazing because they push you to get the best out of you. For example, I never thought I would get a 2+ in Maths, but Miss Thompson challenged and supported me so that I can reach my goal. Learning at Chertsey High is great fun because the teachers make lessons interesting and challenging. I could not be happier with my choice of school!