Mr T Corry - Head of Science


Joining the CHS team in 2016/17 was an incredible opportunity that I have loved from day one. Don’t get me wrong there are times at which I think to myself “have I bitten off more than I can chew” but these are few and far between and are rapidly replaced by the incredible students and staff at the school.

We have starting something here that is truly unique to the area, bringing in expertise from many areas and walks of life. Last year we were few as a staffing group and with a small cohort of students we were able to set up a school that is based upon mutual respect and ridiculously high expectations. This has equipped our students to take risks, ask questions and ultimately have a love for their school.

As a science teacher I am always amazed as to the enthusiasm students have for the subject, here in my department we have been able to foster a love for the subject and students of all abilities are getting stuck in and giving it a go.

To anyone thinking about joining us, the students do actually welcome you with a handshake and genuinely want to know how you are doing this morning, they hold doors open for you and are some of the nicest young people I have every had the pleasure to teach. It’s just the teachers you need to keep an eye on…