The internet is an exciting and diverse place full of opportunities and containing massive quantities of resources. However for many parents and guardians, who can sometimes have less experience of the breadth of experiences possible online, it can be a concerning place. We may worry about what or whom our children may encounter on the web, and how we can best protect them. The link on the left will provide you with some useful advice on how you can keep your child safe at home as well as access various external support websites.

Students from Chertsey High School will be in exemplary uniform and well equipped to learn. Students are expected to be of smart appearance. By requiring the students to wear the correct uniform, it is intended that they develop their sense of loyalty to the Chertsey High School community of which they are members, and to encourage them to take pride in their appearance. Students are expected to wear full Chertsey High School uniform on the way to and from the school. The link on the left will provide you with contact details from our uniform providers.

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