Extra-Curricular and School Clubs

There  are plenty of opportunities at Chertsey High School to join clubs and to get involved in extra-curricular activities. The full list will be published at the start of each term, so watch out for the activities and clubs which you can join. 

If you are musical, there are be a variety of different opportunities to get involved with a music club. The Pop Choir, guitar and drumming lessons are just three examples. Students who join these clubs hen also get to perform in a variety of concerts, such as the Spring Concert, Creative Arts Evening and the Christmas Carol Concert. There is also an opportunity to apply to be part of the Year 7 Band initiative which enables you to learn a musical instrument in small groups for a reduced cost and to be part of a wind band which will also perform at several events.

If you enjoy performing, there are opportunities to get involved with Drama and Theatre at Chertsey High. In addition to this every year we will have a whole school production.  Other clubs include Science club; Reading Club and Debating Club to name just a few.

The clubs run before school, at lunchtime and after-school….there is literally something for everyone. Whichever club you belong to, these are a great way to make new friends and to take part in something fun.

Please see below the Extra Curricular Timetable for Autumn Term 2018.


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