House system

“Scientia, pertinacia et amor”

Students at Chertsey High School are part of the ‘Chertsey High family’ where they feel a sense of belonging and a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others and our House system is just one way in which we can do this.

At Chertsey High School we pride ourselves on being an extra ordinary school with people at the heart and where the sense of community is strong.

Our pastoral system is different from almost all other schools and really does put our students first. Tutor groups comprise students from the same year and each tutor group is linked to a house, each with its own strong identity.

The names for the Houses were chosen with the help of our students who had the opportunity to vote for the 5 names that inspire them and make them feel proud to be part of that particular House. The Houses: Nightingale, Tolkien, Wilberforce, Newton and Garrett Anderson are all named after leaders in their field who showed that with knowledge, determination and love we could all make a significant difference to the world!

Each House have a clear identity created by their Head of House and House Captain team. The House system increase the strong bond and sense of community that is felt across the school. As House members, all students have a wide range of opportunities to work together and to compete against other Houses in a variety of events. Some of these take part as part of lessons; some run during lunchtimes and after school.

House Captains
Tolkien Alfie Kavanagh, Jess Harris
Newton Titus Lisk, Lola Yates
Nightingale Lois Asamoah, Alex Fenner-Melham
Wilberforce Will Evans, Mae Pender-Grieb

Students are allocated a House when they join and stay in that House throughout their time at Chertsey High. They are encouraged to earn points for their House through their studies and get the chance to take part in regular competitions with the other Houses.

The beauty of the House Systems is that it gives every student, regardless of their ability, the chance to take part in a wide range of activities and in so doing develop their self-esteem.

Our House systems also ensure that our students get the opportunity to experience school life beyond the academic curriculum. For example, there are an annual inter-house competition, regular reward events, charity days and many other inter-house events throughout the year.

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