Transport Links to Chertsey High


Public bus services that lead to either Eastworth Road, Clay Corner or the Runnymede Centre are all within a couple of minutes walk from Chertsey High School.

Bus routes which lead to Chertsey High School are 456, 637, 856

456: Woking (Morrisons) to Staines Bus station

637: Brooklands Tesco to Chertsey Station

856: Sunbury Tesco to Woking



Chertsey railway station is one mile from Chertsey High School.  The walk is straight-forward and is along a main road, in a built-up area.  Here is a summary of some current departure and arrival times:

Morning / Afternoon To / From Destination and time
Morning From Egham 7.49am
    Virginia Water 7.53am
  To Chertsey 7.58am
Afternoon From Chertsey 3.40pm
    Virginia Water 3.45pm (change here for fast train to Egham)
  To Egham 3.53pm (slow train arrival at 3.57pm)
Morning From Weybridge 8.03am
    Addlestone 8.07am
  To Chertsey 8.10am
Afternoon From Chertsey 4.00pm
    Addlestone 4.03pm
  To Weybridge 4.07pm


**All scheduled times correct at time of printing – June 2017      


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