Our school canteen provides a range of hot and cold meals and snacks, prepared fresh every day.

A typical lunch offer includes:

  1. Meal of the day,
  2. Vegetarian meal of the day,
  3. Budget meal,
  4. Pasta and sauce
  5. Sandwiches
  6. Cakes
  7. Biscuits
  8. Fruit and
  9. Cold drinks.

We run a cash-less system in the school canteen. The children have their finger scanned when they first join the school and their purchases are then charged to a pre-loaded account.

Parents are responsible for adding money to their child’s account in advance via the online account system.  For details of how to set an email alert when your child's account falls below a certain threshold please click here.

Details of the Autumn-Winter 2018 Catering Menu and Prices can be found in the document below.



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