Why Work with Bourne Education Trust?

In 2015, I moved to Chertsey because I wanted to work at a new school that was being considered!

Mr C Howell - Assistant Headteacher

When the Headteacher was appointed, I went to meet her to see what her plans and ethos were .  Upon finding out that she was going to create an academically excellent school that had the highest of expectations, I submitted my application immediately!  When we met our Year 7 students in September 2017, we all exchanged firm handshakes and warm, if not slightly nervous smiles, I really felt that something really exciting had just begun.

Nothing about my role at Chertsey High School is easy - if it were, I would never be satisfied.  It is, however, wonderfully rewarding: as a Languages teacher, my lessons are fast-paced, packed full of expectations from me for the students to engage throughout and to build a love of learning - and expectations from the students, for me to give them the best possible deal, and of course show-off my singing and dancing skills!  I meet so many people that tell me that they 'couldn't do languages at school' and I explain that everybody can at CHS.  We know that the human being gives up quite easily - which is why our mantra is Knowledge, Determination and Love.  Enrolling here is never going to be the easy option, but it is definitely going to be a rewarding one.

I am deeply grateful for the way in which our parent and local community has embraced our school - sharing our ethos and desire to transform minds and create opportunity.  I am also blessed to work in the company of such hard-working, skilled and humble colleagues, whom go above and beyond for the students in our care on a daily basis.  Everybody knows that good teachers work hard - but this team is on another planet!

I am so proud to part of the CHS family and would encourage anybody interested in the school to come and visit us - the more, the merrier!

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