Everyone’s Invited statement

Posted on: 31/03/2021

Everyone’s Invited statement

The Everyone’s Invited movement has raised further awareness of incidents of sexual abuse and harassment involving students both in schools and universities nation wide. It has brought to the fore harrowing testimonies from students and worrying national statistics in relation to sexual abuse and harassment involving students. Published testimonies name schools right across the country and individuals from both historic and current student cohorts.

All schools within the Bourne Education Trust play a crucial role in teaching pupils about sex and relationships, equality and diversity and modern citizenship. This is enacted through each school’s culture, its curriculum, and policies: Behaviour, Safeguarding, Anti-bullying, Relationships and Sex Education and Whistle Blowing.

We recognise that we have a vital responsibility in tackling sexual violence and harassment and instilling good values in our students and their respect for one another. Like so much of education, our work must complement that undertaken by parents and carers so that young people receive a consistent message and people can go about their lives free from harassment and abuse.

Chertsey High will continue to engage with its students, listen to their concerns and signpost necessary support provision within and beyond its schools. We ask that anyone who has experienced such behaviour, or who is suffering because of it, to report it to an appropriate adult in the school so they can be supported, and steps can be taken to address the issue. Further reflection and action may be taken as part of the Bourne Education Trust’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy that is currently being drafted.

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