Our Vision and Ethos

Chertsey High School: ‘Enlightening Minds, Changing Lives’

Chertsey High School will create a community with the highest aspirations, underpinned by Christian values and ethos but warmly welcoming and open to those of other faiths or none. Dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for all learners, the school will serve the local community by providing an outstanding quality of education within an environment of trust, tolerance and mutual respect.

Knowledge, Determination and Love

At Chertsey High School we aim to focus on these 3 core values in everything we do.  If we seek the best understanding of our subjects and how our world works, we will have the knowledge needed to move on through life successfully.  If we work to the best of our ability and push ourselves to the very best of our capabilities, we will have the determination needed to meet the challenges of life head-on.  If we form strong, lasting relationships with those around us, made up of empathy, respect, affection and humour, we will have the love needed to feel and make others feel wanted, cherished and valued.

Valuing every individual within our community

Every student at Chertsey High School can expect to be known and genuinely cared for by the staff within a caring and supportive culture in which every individual is safe and can thrive. The learning and progress of all students will be tracked on an ongoing basis against personalised targets, preparing them to face their future challenges with confidence. Every student will be supported and guided to achieve their full potential and will meet regularly with staff to discuss their performance and access any additional help or resources that they may require.

Creating innovative and creative climates for learning

At Chertsey High School, learning will embrace creative and innovative approaches that engage students, utilising modern technology and virtualisation to maintain pace and interest. Every student will have a tablet to support the new ways of learning which our ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to information will engender. Programmes of study will be tailored to individual needs to ensure that all students can access the broad and balanced curriculum which will facilitate progress to higher education, apprenticeship or employment.

Delivering inspirational teaching and learning

Chertsey High School’s team of outstanding, well-qualified teaching professionals will work across the school to ensure that best practice is shared and that all staff exhibit the highest levels of professionalism. Our ongoing programme of continuing professional development for teachers will be delivered by inspirational experts, focusing strongly on teaching and learning and on developing a talented cadre of future leaders who will challenge the senior leadership team to forge a continuum of continuous improvement and innovation. Every member of staff will undergo performance management termly and good and outstanding teaching will be the norm across the school.

Providing an exciting programme of enrichment activities

On four days each week, there will be an extended afternoon session so that all students can participate in enrichment activities, including music and sport. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award will also be integrated into school life to give participants a sense of purpose, focus and achievement in their non-academic studies. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding enrichment programme of personal development for young people which is of the highest quality and the widest reach.

Working in partnership with parents, employers and the wider community

Chertsey High School will be at the very heart of the local community, playing an active and enthusiastic role in community affairs and fostering in the students a real sense of pride and belonging. In addition to our strong links with Salesian School, we will work closely with local primary and secondary schools to ensure that transition between all key stages is an area of excellence, to foster collaboration and to share resources. We will also make it possible for parents, local employers and other members of the community to be active in the life of the school, engaging in clubs, sport and service, and for school resources to be used by the community out of hours, building good relationships with each family based on mutual trust and open communication.