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Student Council

At Chertsey High School, students come first and their opinion counts.

They are encouraged to be actively involved in school life and are given a voice in all aspects of school life including the quality of teaching and learning.

Students are represented at the School Council by their democratically elected peers. The Head Boy and Girl along with the Deputy Head Boy and Girl and the House Captains are central to the decision making processes of Chertsey High School.

These roles come with great responsibility. As a Student Leader they are expected to be role models for all other students and to support the staff in maintaining standards. They are always expected to be punctual, smartly turned out and work hard to achieve their full potential. They are also expected to make themselves available for public duties.

We want to empower our children to take a full and active life in their school. All students are encouraged to take responsibility through the Student Leadership programme, whilst some students such as the school’s IT Champions take an active role in supporting and leading the school in our 21st century learning platform.

The Student Council take place on the first Wednesday of every month and students are able to issue invitations to staff in order to increase their knowledge of issues that affect them and to explain different aspects of school life.

Students also take part in “learning walks”, where they visit lessons and make their own comments on the quality of learning taking place. This feedback are used to help the school improve the quality of the learning experience.

Finally, students are responsible for producing the Chertsey High School Newsletter, which are distributed to parents and the wider community termly.

Student Council
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