Match Reports

11/12/18 yr8 Rugby lose 35-15 to Southborough

The game started dreadfully with Southboroughs grease lightning fullback catching and returning the kick off for an instant try.  It took us most of the first half to wake up and by then we were 30-0 down.  After the half time break the CHS boys upped the ante and brought far more agreessiopn to bare on their opponents and showed excellent phases of play, sucking in the opposition defence and then punishing them on the wings.  A phenomenal looped move culminating in an amazing try for new captain Matt Cook.  A brutal run form Alfie Turner and a pacey effort from Finn Donnison brought the score to a more respectable level.  Lots to take form the game.  Seb Slodek and Finn Donnison leading the way as ever with tackling technique and bravery and excellent debuts from Antonio and Mikey.


28/11/18 Yr 7 Rugby win 25-5 vs Southborough. 

This was a fantastic match and a real testament to how hard the team have worked and how far they have come.  Byron Mitchell scored an unbelievable try, running thourgh the whole team after catchingthe kick off to put us 5 - 0 up after ten seconds!  As the game continued it was evident that our lads were putting their learning into practice with players like Joni Zagragia clearing and securing well in the rucks.  There was improved tackling technique all round and some other great moments such as Rhys Tudor cathcing the kickoff and charging through multiple tackles.


29/11/18 Yr 8 Rugby lost to Woking High, Charters and Heathside in the Chobham RFC U13 Rugby festival.

With a rag tag team our boys battled bravely and put a respectable performance.  We were missing lots of players but this gave some new members the chance to gain experience at a competitive level.  Notable performances from Antonio and exemplary displays of tecnical skill and brevery from Seb Slodek and Finn Donnison.


30/11/18 Yr 7 Football lost 8 - 2 to Harris Academy Crystal Palace in the county cup 2nd round

This was an incredibly frustrating game.  We started well and the teams looked to be evenly matched.  After going 2 - 0 down we battled back and got back to 2 - 2 by half time.  In the 2nd half we struggled as Harris got much more into the game and unfortunatley their attacking movement was woo good.  Heads went down and that was the end for us.  More teamwork and decisiveness needed next time!



22/11/18 Yr7 Boys Rugby tournament at Chobham RFC

Great performance from the year 7 boys Rugby team at the Chobham RFC Schools U12 Festival.  1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses.  A huge amount of effort given by the boys and lots of experience gained.  Notable performances from Mitchell and Lemon leading the charge and Bachman providing the tackling masterclass.  Lots of new players got a taste of the action and the team are really developing!


Yr7 Boys Rugby lose 20 - 15 to SJB

The yr7 Rugby team faced SJB in an epic game of Rugby.  Our students showed fantastic bravery and effort as well as progress in the technical side of the game but were unlucky to lose 20-15 in the end despite some incredible tries from Mitchell, Melville and Browne.


18/10/18 Boys Football  - CHS 1 - 2 Collinwood

This game was the forst round of the county cup and was a classic cup match!  Lot sof attacking football playing and highdrama all over the pitch.  We started well and started to play positve football but a lot of times the ball was overhit.  After 10 minutes we scored! But controversially the linesman called offside... The game flew by and unfortunately Collingwood went 1 ahead.  As the game pressed on we continued to push hard and Freddie Halpin banged in a scorcher from the middle of the box! Unfortunately we hit the post again and then let another in to finish the game.  A worthy performance but back to the drawing board.


7/03/2018 Boys Football - CHS 3 vs 0 Woking High 

As CHS won the ball in the opposition half , they start passing the ball around making Woking work. They knock the ball out wide to the left winger (Louie). Louie ran down the touch line, and crossed it in hard and low. The striker (Troy) managed to get a touch and scores an amazing goal!  

CHS put pressure on the Woking defence and try to win the ball. Chertsey won the ball tand knock it into Josephs path. Joseph gives it to the captain (Sam) he takes on one player, then he takes the shot and the super diving keeper saves it. What a chance for CHS.

Going into the second half CHS are under pressure, with Woking coming at them hard and fast. CHS knock it out for a corner but this only makes more pressure for them. Woking take the corner, but in the keepers reach (Will) catches it. CHS get the ball out quickly. Will throws it out to Titus in the middle. Titus takes on a few players has a shot and scores from outside the box. Woking high were starting to put on loads of pressure on CHS. They put it in the path of there pacey captain. The captain has an amazing shot at goal causing the keeper to dive. As Will dives for the ball he makes an amazing save, keeping it 2-0 to CHS. After the poor corner of Woking CHS break quick to get another goal. The ball gets played to Louie, Louie takes a touch and crosses it in to the path of Titus who has a shot but misses. Alex gets the rebound and shoots high and hard. It hits the cross bar and in, what a goal for Alex (His first goal for CHS ).

By Sam Rajkoomar