Match Reports


7/03/2018 Boys Football - CHS 3 vs 0 Woking High 

As CHS won the ball in the opposition half , they start passing the ball around making Woking work. They knock the ball out wide to the left winger (Louie). Louie ran down the touch line, and crossed it in hard and low. The striker (Troy) managed to get a touch and scores an amazing goal!  

CHS put pressure on the Woking defence and try to win the ball. Chertsey won the ball tand knock it into Josephs path. Joseph gives it to the captain (Sam) he takes on one player, then he takes the shot and the super diving keeper saves it. What a chance for CHS.

Going into the second half CHS are under pressure, with Woking coming at them hard and fast. CHS knock it out for a corner but this only makes more pressure for them. Woking take the corner, but in the keepers reach (Will) catches it. CHS get the ball out quickly. Will throws it out to Titus in the middle. Titus takes on a few players has a shot and scores from outside the box. Woking high were starting to put on loads of pressure on CHS. They put it in the path of there pacey captain. The captain has an amazing shot at goal causing the keeper to dive. As Will dives for the ball he makes an amazing save, keeping it 2-0 to CHS. After the poor corner of Woking CHS break quick to get another goal. The ball gets played to Louie, Louie takes a touch and crosses it in to the path of Titus who has a shot but misses. Alex gets the rebound and shoots high and hard. It hits the cross bar and in, what a goal for Alex (His first goal for CHS ).

By Sam Rajkoomar