"We would like to congratulate you and all your wonderful staff on the first hugely successful year for CHS.

We have watched our son grow in confidence this year with all the subjects. He thoroughly enjoys every day and for us as parents appreciate all your hard work.

I hope that you all have a well deserved rest over the holidays and we look forward to seeing you in September for Year 8!!!"

- Year 8 Parent


"Just a quick email to say how pleased I am that our son chose CHS for his next stage. 

We are so thrilled with his first year. He has made such amazing progress which is no doubt due to the amazing education that has been provided. He enjoys every single subject, (long may it continue!) and is so talkative about what he has done in the day. His lessons sound amazing and I truly believe he is being provided with the most amazing opportunities and be given fantastic support and guidance for life skills, not just his academic knowledge. 

The dedication of the teaching staff is clear, and infectious! At all of the meetings I have attended I come away wanting to pursue a career in secondary education. My original plan when I was at school. I am aware that your first year has met some resistance at times, but I would like to say that we fully support the school in its rules and ethos. On the few occasions where we have made contact, we have always found ourselves to be treated well. I have no doubt that should concerns arise in the future, our voices would be heard. 

Thank you to every single teacher who chose to begin a journey with CHS. I feel that it is the most amazing body of teachers and I wish I had had some of the dedication and lessons at my school that our son is experiencing now.


- Year 8 Parent