Mrs P Fagent - Head of Humanities


When I first heard about Chertsey High School being established I immediately applied to come at teach at this wonderful school. I was excited being taken on a tour of our present buildings in a hard hat, I was excited to come into school in the holiday’s in advance of our first terms opening and today I remain excited to come into school each day. I see the new building going up alongside our present building and while that too is exciting and it will be fabulous, for now I am simply content to be part of what is a fabulous school filled with the most delightful and enthusiastic students.

Every day students cheer me by always coming to say hello and with a question to ask and a hand to shake. There is always a story to tell and a smile to be had. In class our students are enthusiastic, always seeking to get it right and take a real pride in their work. What is lovely is when at the end of class students come over to shake your hand and thank you for the lesson.

What is fabulous is being given the opportunity to create my own department and create a scheme of work that completely ties in with the ethos and vision of this community school. I have enjoyed the challenge of creating schemes of learning for my specialist subject History and for Religious Studies. I have been enriched as a person and teacher in learning both new subject knowledge in Geography and Religious Studies. With this I have the opportunity to create and adapt my methods of teaching to help our students push academic boundaries and develop as mature and really engaging young people.

Above all else what I love most is being part of the Chertsey High community. My fellow members of staff are like-minded people and we just all simply get on. We are a team that simply just works in unison quietly and with a quiet humility with a simple determination to get it right for our amazing students.