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Value of Chertsey High School Trips

At Chertsey High School we very much value the learning experiences that trips and visits can bring. It is important that students gain life experience and personal development. It's particularly beneficial to their learning and understanding in a specific subject by effectively using their senses.  


Visitors to the school

Additionally, we encourage outside speakers and groups to visit the school. A variety of science professionals have also run sessions with students to educate them on the opportunities available in the world of work.

Letters are sent to parents regarding trips and visits well in advance to allow time for payment and planning.


2019/2020 Planned trips and visits: 

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award – Year 9

  • Gives students access to a wide, rich set of experiences
  • Encourages all pupils – regardless of their background or academic ability – to expand their talents and interests, broaden their horizons and develop their character
  • Boosts confidence and independence
  • Gives students the chance to engage with their local community when volunteering, fostering respect for others and an understanding of the value of active citizenship
  • Give responsibility
  • Helps young people take things in their stride, take responsibility and look for solutions in problems
  • Gives a sense of achievement; take part in sports or physical activity more often


Bletchley Park – Tuesday 5th May 2020

  • Year 8 – Cross-curricular trip between the ICT and Maths departments.
  • Students to gain a better understanding of how and why a computer was invented, learn about the impact of this technology on the outcomes of WWII and appreciate the importance of technological developments in both modern history and the modern day, leading to inspiring them in their own careers and aspirations


Blood Brothers – Thursday 2nd April 2020

  • Music/Drama
  • Enrich the child's learning about the Performing Arts and give them a chance to see how a professional production operates through all the artistic elements (sound, lighting costume).
  • Chance to experience a professional production, immersing themselves in the world of drama, particularly aiding and inspiring those aspiring towards a career in the industry
  • Excellent preparation for those planning to take GCSE drama (where they have to analyse a professional production)


Barcelona  17th -  21st March 2020

  • Year 9 Spanish residential trip to Barcelona. 
  • Students will be immersed into daily visual and spoken language, which will greatly boost their understanding of how the language is used. 
  • They will have numerous opportunities to speak and listen to the language, giving them greater confidence to use Spanish both at home and abroad. 
  • Students will visit various places of interest around the city, thus enriching their cultural capital and understanding of what goes on beyond their own lives and the borders of the UK. 
  • They will experience local food and drink, and quickly grow more capable in spoken exchanges with native speakers. 
  • Students will have the opportunity to take part in a Flamenco class, giving them the chance to do something entirely different – and quite likely engage in something quite outside of their comfort zone! 
  • Further to this, students will gain social skills, being away from their families and interacting and cohabiting with their peers for 5 days.  For many, this will be their first time away from their families and the trip will build life-lasting memories.


Peer Productions Theatre Company  - 2nd December 2020

This travelling theatre company visited CHS to perform it’s production of ‘Hidden’ to our Year 8 and 9 students.  The piece is specifically written for students of this age, and it covers themes such as self-worth, mental health and self-harm. 

The plot allowed the students to gain a greater understanding of:

  • What self harm is and what can trigger people to self-harm
  • Some of the unhelpful myths surrounding self harm
  • How to find alternative and healthier ways to manage their emotions
  • How to be a good friend to someone they suspect is harming themselves
  • How to enable people to get help if they or someone they know is self harming
  • Whilst these themes were hard-hitting and gave the students a lot to think about, we know from daily conversations that these themes are very relevant to the world in which they live, and has now opened a more open and frequent dialogue about them.


English – St Hilda’s College, Oxford, visit to CHS 13th November (Year 9)

During our visit from Oxford University, our Year 9 students learnt all about different universities, possible courses and what could be expected from life at university.  As well as this, they began to consider future careers and what they need to do in order to achieve their dreams.  It was amazing to see all the inquisitive questions that were asked at the end of the session and how inspired all the pupils are.  It is important to aim high so that you can go far!


Year 8 & 9 English PHA trip to Salesian Sixth Form - November 2019

We took a small group of pupils from Year 8 and 9 to Salesian College  to experience life there and it was really beneficial.  The pupils began to think about the future and the options that are available.


Textiles trip – Friday 28th February 2020

Reward trip for 30 students to the Stitch Festival at Business Design Centre, for outstanding progress in Textiles.  Students observed live demos and catwalk shows and displays, providing them with inspiration for their creative futures within the school.


Maths  (Bank of England – PMS) 15th June

  • The trip aims at inspiring students to understand the importance of Mathematics’ role in everyday life. Students will be surrounded by maths topics that they cover in lesson such as Percentages, Currency, Data and many others.
  • We will start by visiting the museum where students can pick up a gold bar and discover why the building is on top of one the world's largest stores of gold!
  • They’ll learn why people started to use paper money and how they make our notes difficult to copy.
  • Students will attend 'Keeping on an even keel' presentation. It explains what the Bank does to an even keel keep inflation low, maintain trust in its banknotes and keep the financial system stable.
  • Taking our students outside the classroom to see numbers in action could really benefit their understanding of the subject and why it is so important that they learn what we are trying to teach them. They will also get a better idea of the link between Maths and other subjects such as Business and Economics and will familiarise themselves with key financial terminology that we use in the maths’ classroom.


Year 9 First Aid training – February 2020

  • All students received a 2hr session on essential medical and first aid skills
  • Students are now able to make a more positive impact on and contribution to society


African Drumming – February 2020 (MHR)

The Dhol Drumming Workshops will allow each student to produce powerful and uplifting Punjabi and Bhangra grooves! Participants will learn proper playing techniques and understand the function and history of the dhol drums throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Students will:

  • Learn traditional Punjabi and Bhangra patterns on authentic Indian instruments
  • Enhance rhythmic and improvisational skills
  • Develop listening skills
  • Develop ability to work in an ensemble


Prison Service visit (October 2019)

  • Prison Officers visited Year 9 students at CHS to run sessions about what life in prison is like - and the numerous reasons why they would want to avoid it.  They also heard from a former prison inmate, someone that now tours with the 'Prison Me No Way' initiative.  Students spent some time in model prison cell and were able to ask questions about prison life.  This experience enabled the students to reflect on making positive choices in life and how to recognise and deal with warning signs.
  • This trip gave these students the opportunity to come together and enjoy some well-deserved time away from their busy home and school lives.  Students were able to relax, laugh and switch-off from the pressures of life.


Year 7 Land & Wave 

Land and Wave is an opportunity that aims to challenge students and build resilience, whilst having a fun time away from home and trying lots of exciting adventure activities. We aim to take as many students as possible who may not have had these experiences, or families may not be able to take them. Land and Wave is the best company for us as they take part in real adventures around the Dorset coast, instead of just at one centre. The activities include rock climbing on the famous dancing ledge, body boarding, raft building, and mastering forest skills that will say with them for life. Every evening, we camp right next to the beautiful Corfe Castle and is a wonderful team and relationship building experience for staff and students, making memories that will stay with them forever.


Iceland Trip - October 2021 (Years 7-9)


  • The aim of the Iceland trip is to offer a unique school trip for pupils to witness the “land of fire and ice” from dramatic volcanic lunar landscapes and spouting geysers, to diverging plates, glaciers, and outwash plains. Students will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and become curious by observing the ongoing impact of glaciation and vulcanicity: icefields, waterfalls and geothermal pools. This island country has a unique heritage and style all of its own, with a landscape rich in opportunities and challenges that will perfectly complement core curriculum topics, at both key stage and GCSE. Students will enjoy the opportunity to become more culturally aware of the world they live in and gain skills that cannot be taught in a traditional classroom setting.


  • As students have the opportunity to see Iceland’s landscape and geography, it will help them better understand these processes of glaciers, plate tectonics, climate and renewable energy. Students will  be able to apply their learning through these unforgettable experiences, such as walking on glaciers, exploring underground lava tunnels and examining active volcanoes. This will help them provide real-life examples when studying geography back in the classroom.
  • Students will also develop fieldwork skills that are a valuable part of the geography curriculum.
  • The true educational value of school trips is apparent when seeing the impact but also students will acquire transferrable skills that can be taken into everyday life. The importance of school trips in giving students the chance to character build and develop their resilience, as well as grow in confidence and adapt to different social situations. The trip will encourage students to bond with peers with whom they would not usually interact with and develop their team building skills. It will also give students a broader perspective of the wider world by being exposed to different environments and culture, which influences them to develop their communication skills and learn to be respectful to diversity.


Please download the following documents for more information: 

Barcelona Trip

Iceland Trip

Drama Trip



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