Year 10




Ms Gardner

Ms Lalli

Xtra to list 000212016127

Head of Year 10

Lalli,Ms Sabrina,13811360

Assistant Headteacher

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As in every year group upholding Chertsey High School values are key to success in Year 10. Students are helped to build resilience and determination, and to accept that making mistakes is a crucial part of learning. Above all, as they progress further into their studies, Year 10 students are encouraged to be independent and engaged every day whilst continuing to develop GROWTH values in order to succeed to the best of their ability. Year 10 GROWTH values are: Gratitude, Resilience, Ownership, Willingness, Teamwork and Hard Work all which when demonstrated lead to social, academic, and emotional growth.

Finally, alongside all of the wonderful opportunities and experiences, we continue to work with our Year 10s to teach them about the values of Knowledge, Determination and Love. This year, we will be working with our motto- 'Action is the key to success'. We want our Year 10s to take their learning in to their own hands, and become resilient, engaged and resourceful learners, ready to take on the next steps in their educational pursuits.

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