Student Leadership

"Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average"

Chertsey High believes in the power of student leadership, aiming to empower students, cultivate responsibility, and nurture tomorrow's leaders. Our student leaders are grown from when they first join us in Year 7 to when they have the opportunity to become Prefects in Year 11. Opportunities for leadership offered to students at Chertsey High include roles such as library assistant roles, mentoring, student action team representatives, book buddies, community contributor roles and sports leaders. However, we are always looking to build and develop the roles we offer as well as add new roles. 

By undertaking a leadership role, students can develop essential life skills, become advocates for student voice in decision-making, organise events and initiatives that promote a sense of community and support our students, school and environment. By embracing responsibility, empathy, and collaboration, our student leaders are prepared to excel academically and become ethical, compassionate leaders in the future.

Miss Musk
Musk,Miss Abigail,13809965
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Ms Lalli

Ms Lalli

Assistant Headteacher
Students are polite, respectful and show curiosity to learn. We support learning, enabling students to reach their full potential.   


Year 7
I felt welcomed by my tutor, Head of Year and Assistant Headteacher when I joined from my primary school.


Year 11
This is more than a school, this is our CHS Family!
Mr Ball

Mr Ball

PE Teacher
I am proud to teach at a school that values and loves every child for who they are. Here at Chertsey High School we look to develop children holistically and I couldn't imagine a better place to do it.
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