Year 8



Mr Brookmyre Mr Howell

Brookmyre,Mr Harry,13811340

Head of Year 8

Howell,Mr Christopher,13811309

Assistant Headteacher

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Our year 8 cohort continue to be the BRAVE year group. Throughout the year they have continued to grow and develop as they start to think about what options they will consider choosing and starting on their own individual pathways. We continue be defined as the BRAVE year group, but this year our value have changed:

Better - We ask our students to reflect on their decisions and look to develop their own growth mindset. Chertsey High School’s values are knowledge, determination and love. As a result we want students to be determined to learn and improve at every opportunity.

Responsible - Here at Chertsey High School we are committed to developing independent learners. To be able to do this we expect our students to be mature and responsible for their actions and their learning.

Accepting - Like all comprehensive state schools we have a diverse set of students and year 8 is no different. We want our students to be accepting of every individual we have at school.

Valuable - We want each student to feel valued at Chertsey High School. This links with our core value of love. Students at Chertsey High School are valued and we look to show this to our students whenever we can.

Encouraging - Learning can be difficult. As a result we want students to feel encouraged, even when mistakes are made. Students and staff at Chertsey High School encourage each other to be determined to improve.

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