We want to create a stronger, fairer society in which people from all backgrounds can realise their potential. […] We must break down the barriers to progress that too many people in our country face today, and give young people the skills to get on in life. Our careers strategy will support everyone, […] to go as far as their talents will take them and have a rewarding career.

-The Rt Hon Anne Milton MP

At Chertsey High School we believe in every student, and that settling for a wage does not do justice to the young people in our care. Our promise to them is that we will equip them not only with the skills and knowledge to succeed but also the information and the opportunities to follow their passions and to take a career, not just a job. 

CHS Careers Team
Careers Lead
: Tom Corry
Careers Administrator: Esther Waghorn
Careers and Enterprise Surrey Careers Hub Co-Ordinator: Rosie Roberts
Innervate Careers Advisor: Jane McKenna
Careers Link Governor: Kingsley Okoli

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The Aims of our Careers Provision: 

  • Provide a planned programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance for students of all ages based on the Gatsby Benchmarks as recommended in the DfE’s Careers Strategy (December 2017), the Statutory Guidance for Careers (January 2018) and Skills for Jobs (January 2021). 
  • Provide an integrated delivery through the whole school curriculum of careers and future skills utilising the CDI (see Careers in the Curriculum) framework.
  • Give access to independent and impartial information on opportunities in learning, work and Local Market Information (LMI) provided by in school provisions and Innervate one-to-one guidance meetings.
  • Give individualised and impartial careers guidance and support. 
  • Provide experience of the workplace to develop key employability skills. 
  • Identify and reduce the likelihood, through a variety of interventions, of students becoming NEET (not in employment, education or training) when they leave us. 
  • To actively work towards and maintain the Quality Careers Standard Award, through the integration and implementation of careers throughout the curriculum.  
  • Ensure students have interactions with a variety of colleges, training providers, employers and universities in order to make informed decisions about their futures. 

We are proud to have been awarded, as of October 2022, The Quality in Careers Standard and are committed to making good progress towards meeting all the accreditation criteria incorporating the Gatsby Benchmarks.

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G bnechmarks

Careers in the Curriculum

We have been working incredibly hard to provide students at Chertsey High School with a world class education, not only are they achieving academic excellence, but are also skilled to become highly successful citizens. Success is unique to everyone, there is no prescribed formula or definition to that will fit everyone, for that reason we have developed a skills centred narrative into our curriculums across the school. We have chosen to integrate the Career Development Institute (CDI) Framework for Secondary Schools into our curriculums, based around the six areas of learning for careers education all students are encouraged to see the skills in their learning not just the qualification at the end.


CHS CDI Booklet

Colleges and Sixth Forms

Salesian College (1km)
Offers a range of A-Levels, BTecs and T-Levels
Date(s) of Open Event:  14th September 2023
Times:                             17:00 – 20:00
Application Deadline:    15th December 2023
Website links:       

Brooklands College (Weybridge 4km)
Offers a wide range of vocational and apprenticeship courses to suit any starting point or qualification
Date(s) of Open Event:  11th October 2023          18th November 2023
Times:                             16:30 – 19:00                  10:00 – 12:30
Application Deadline:    Ongoing
Website links:       

Heathside Sixth Form (4km)
Offers a range of A-Level qualifications.
Date(s) of Open Event:  2nd November 2023
Times:                             18:30 – 21:00
Application Deadline:    1st December 2023
Website links:          

Fullbrook 6 (6km)
Offers a wide range of vocational and apprenticeship courses to suit any starting point or qualification.
Date(s) of Open Event:  19th October 2023
Times:                             17:00 – 20:00
Application Deadline:    17th November 2023
Website links:       

Strode’s College (9km)
Offers A-Levels a range of vocational and technical qualifications and apprenticeships with excellent transport links
Date(s) of Open Event:  19th October 2023          8th February 2024
Times:                             16:30 – 19:00                  16:30 – 19:00
Application Deadline:    Ongoing
Website links:       

Woking College (9km)
Offers a wide range of A-Level and Vocational courses 
Date(s) of Open Event:  12th October 2023          12th June 2024
Times:                             16:30 – 20:00                  16:30 – 20:00
Application Deadline:    Ongoing (ASAP)
Website links:      

Brooklands College (Ashford 10km)
Offers a wide range of vocational and apprenticeship courses to suit any starting point or qualification.
Date(s) of Open Event:  5th October 2023            22nd February 2024
Times:                             16:30 – 19:00                  16:30 – 19:00
Application Deadline:    Ongoing
Website links:       

St Paul’s College (10km)
Offers a range of A-Levels and Btec courses
Date(s) of Open Event:  27th September 2023
Times:                             18:00 – 20:00
Application Deadline:    8th December 2023
Website links:       

Esher College (13km)
Offers a range of A-Level and Btec courses 
Date(s) of Open Event:  Tours available upon request
Application Deadline:    29th September 2023
Website links:       

Kingston College (17km)
Offers a wide range of Btec, vocational and apprenticeship courses as well as some GCSEs and functional skill courses
Date(s) of Open Event:  9th November 2023
Times:                             16:30 – 19:00
Application Deadline:    1st July 2023
Website links:       

Richmond College (18km)
Offers A-Levels a range of vocational and technical qualifications and apprenticeships with excellent transport links
Date(s) of Open Event: 18th October 2023           14th  November 2023
Times:                             17:00 – 20:00                  17:00 – 20:00
Application Deadline:    Ongoing
Website links:     

Windsor College (18km)
Offers a range of A-Level and Btec courses 
Date(s) of Open Event:  17th October 2023          20th February 2024
Times:                             16:30 – 19:00                  16:30 – 19:00
Application Deadline:    Ongoing
Website links:      

Guildford College (19km)
Offers a range of A-Levels, Btecs and Apprenticeships 
Date(s) of Open Event:  11th October 2023          11th November 2023
Times:                              16:30 – 19:30                  09:30 – 12:30
Application Deadline:     Ongoing
Website links:       

Merrist Wood College (19km)
Offers a range of Vocational studies to suit learners of all starting points, with a focus on horticultural studies
Date(s) of Open Event:  4th October 2023            18th November 2023
Times:                             16:30 – 19:30                  09:30 – 12:30
Application Deadline:    Ongoing
Website links:       

Farnborough Sixth Form (25km)
Offers a range of A-Level and Btec courses 
Date(s) of Open Event:  W/C 16th October 2023
Times:                             TBC
Application Deadline:    6th November 202
Website links:      

Farnborough College of Technology (28km)
Offers a range of Vocational studies to suit learners of all starting points, with a focus on technical and engineering subjects
Date(s) of Open Event:  12th October 2023
Times:                             16:00 – 19:30
Application Deadline:    Ongoing
Website links:       

NESCOT (28km)
Offers a range of Vocational studies as well as T-Levels
Date(s) of Open Event:  14th October 2023              22nd November 2023
Times:                             10:00 – 13:00                     16:30 – 19:30
Application Deadline:    Ongoing
Website links:       

Berkshire College of Agriculture (40km)
Offers a range of Vocational studies to suit learners of all starting points, with a focus on horticultural studies
Date(s) of Open Event:  30th September 2023     18th November 2023
Times:                             10:00 – 14:00                  10:00 – 14:00
Application Deadline:    Ongoing
Website links:       

The Brit School (53km)
Offers and range of A-Levels and diplomas all centred on performance and creative arts
Date(s) of Open Event:  28th September 2023  
Times:                             by appointment        
Application Deadline:   
13th November 2023
Website links:       

Post 16 Pathways

There are many different routes now available after completion of GCSEs and students leave Secondary school. Below is a summary of each of the available qualifications and options available to students, as well as some local providers of further education and their contact details.

A Levels
A Levels are a traditionally academic route, they can require a lot of independent study, reading, essay writing and revision.  Levels keep options open and are the usual route into university or higher (degree level) apprenticeships. It is important to make sure that the choice of A-levels is ‘fit for purpose’.  Doing research for which A Levels are needed for university courses is important as there are some degrees and university courses which require you to have very specific qualifications.
Places to study A Levels: Woking College, Salesian College, Fullbrook6, Heathside

Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job whilst also studying part time. They are often paid, so offer the opportunity to learn while earning a wage. Apprentices have the opportunity to work alongside experienced staff and gain skills unique to the workplace, as well as an increasingly well-respected qualification. They are often completed over a period of one to four years at a range of levels ranging from Level 1 and 2, for school leavers, up to degree and higher level.
Local Apprenticeships: Apprenticeship pathways, Local opportunities

A Btec is a vocational qualification, which means that it has a career focus and is centred around the world of work. Students would study to gain skills and knowledge in their subject area, putting those skills into practice in real-life situations. They can transition into the world of work, an apprenticeship or university.
Places to study Btecs: Brooklands College, Strode’s College, Woking College

T Levels
T Levels are equivalent to 3 A Levels, they run over 2 years with the intention to deliver content that meets the needs of the industry and prepares students for work, further training, or study. They offer students a mixture of classroom learning and ‘on-the-job’ experience by providing an industry placement while on the course.
Places to study T Levels: Salesian College, Brooklands College, Guildford College

Higher National Diplomas (HNDs)
Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) aim to provide more options for practical learning, this means they are less classroom-based than more traditional Al Levels, they have been designed to encourage more young people to continue studying. They are ideal for those who are aiming to work in a specific and specialist industry.
Places to study HND: Richmond College

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs)
A National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) is a work-centred way of learning, it is carried out at a college, school, or sometimes workplace. Each NVQ level involves a range of on-the-job tasks and activities that are designed to test you on your ability to do a job effectively and ultimately qualify you for that role.
Places to study NVQ: Merist Wood, BCA

Traineeships are skills development programmes that include work placements. They can last from 6 weeks up to a 1 year, most traineeships last for less than 6 months, followed by employment at the end.

Applications and Personal Statements

Your Application

We, as teachers, are always here to help students write and develop applications for post-16 further education. Below are some tips and bits of advice to help students when it comes to writing an application or personal statement.

Be Ready
Make sure that you are prepared for all of the standard pieces of information that you will need to complete an application:

Personal Details:
Date of Birth
Contact number
Contact email (create a professional email using Gmail or equivalent if you don’t already have one)
Parent / Carer contact details

Your predicted grades:
Currently working at, use your most recent grade collection
GCSE predicted grade, use your most recent grade collection

Everything else:
Have a standard personal statement ready
Specific needs that should be included in your application
Supporting information

Personal Statement

The personal statement is your chance to show off you, it is an opportunity to make yourself standout from the crowd before you meet someone in person. Use your wordcount wisely and make sure you sell yourself as this will often be your first chance to sell yourself. Below are some pointers and tips to help you get the most out of your word count.

Sell yourself, what makes you better than the next candidate? Be generous but not arrogant.
“I have repeatedly demonstrated through my time at CHS that I am a hardworking and diligent student, my and feedback from teachers CHS demonstrate this, I have a close group of friends and thrive in new and  environments”. 

Make your strengths your strengths and your weaknesses your strengths.
Slow on making notes or coming to decisions? No, you are meticulous and detail orientated.
Sometimes distracted or lack concentration? No, you are an active learner.

Be specific, there are clichés that colleges and sixth forms see year in year out, avoid them.
Instead of “I am interested in studying English Literature” try “I am passionate about reading and have a wide range interests ranging from the classics such as Dickens through to Atwoods’, Handmaids tale.”
Instead of “I have always liked Science” try “The principle of the scientific method is something that I strive to keep the forefront of my mind whenever I face a new or uncertain situation,”

Ensure that you mention that you enjoy the core subjects (English and Maths), even if this is not the subject you applying for as grade 4’s in these subjects are often course requirements.
"I understand that having basic skills in English and Maths are required for the course, however I believe that they also applicable to more than just my next level of education…”

Reference areas of the course that you have previous experience with and why it is that you enjoyed or excelled these areas.
“I have been regularly playing for my local football team for the past 7 years and have found that the balance leadership and teamwork that this requires is something that I am looking forward to develop in Btec Physical Education Level 2.”

Speak about yourself outside of school, sell yourself as someone who has more to offer than just getting grades.
I have been practicing Karate for the last 10 years and have demonstrated my dedication and skill by participating in international tournaments and receiving a commendation from the British council”
“I have been a member of the Scouts organisation for 5 years and during that time have been awarded for various accolades. More recently I participated in, and completed my DoF Bronze award in which I…”


Post-16 Funding

16-19 bursary fund
You may be eligible for the 16-19 bursary fund, this is to assist you with financial pressures associated with in education. There are eligibility criteria that must be met in order to apply for this funding and it is to be used to for things like transport, school equipment. For more information visit:

Discretionary Bursary
You may also be eligible for a discretionary bursary from your educational provider, each college or sixth form different eligibility criteria and can often be found through their websites.

Year 10 Work Experience

Work experience at Chertsey High School is completed in the Summer Term of Year 10 and lasts for one week. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience the world of work and build their employability skills ready for the world off work that awaits them. We have partnered up with The Changing Education Group to help facilitate our work experience programme who have worked with over 150,000 students across the UK to establish and complete work placements.

Changing education

Parent information webinar recording 

Employer Feedback
“He fitted into the team well, is engaging, completes tasks assigned to him with a good standard. Senior management have commented on his professionalism and courteous nature. His temperament is good.  Completing a daily diary to evidence work he has been doing when he returns to school.  Overall, very pleased with his input, mindset, ability to work on individual tasks and also to support the team. He has added value to the team and business while in role.”                            

4th Dimension

“She has been an enthusiastic student whilst she has been with us. She works well within the team, takes instruction well and is always respectful.  She has shown initiative during her working day, offers to help and is eager to learn.  It has been a pleasure to have her join the team this week."

Vets for Pets

Virtual Work Experience Opportunities

Spring pod are offering work experience in a multitude of different sectors over the summer break, which are all free to students within the UK. This is an opportunity not to be missed as some of the industries represented are highly competitive and relevant work experience can be the swinging vote.

InvestIN offers a wide range of in person or live online events and experiences to suit a multitude of different industries, ranging from Dentistry to Fashion Design. Use the discount code CHERTSEY10 for 10% off.

An industry in within the trades is becoming more and more popular amongst school leavers, the opportunity to train on the job and take home a wage is highly appealing. There is also a relative high job security if you are passionate and enthusiastic about what you do. Alison gives you the opportunity to gain industry recognised qualifications across an array of different industries.

The Open University
The Open University has a radical and pioneering approach to access. Matching a refusal to place qualifications barriers in front of our own students, we also have a commitment to release and promote free learning content for others, for the benefit of the wider community.

It is vital that students who are interested in going into the world of medicine have the right experience that they can use as part of their application process. It is a highly competitive field and the more you can do to get ahead of the game the better chance of a successful application onto a medical degree.

Similar to medicine law is an incredibly competitive field to get into, it will require focus and dedication as well as long working hours, however it can be incredibly rewarding. Gaining experience is a good way to determine whether it is the right option for you and will give you a competitive edge when applying further down the line.

Connecting With Employers

We welcome anyone who would like to donate their time or experience to help us develop our careers provision here at CHS. Giving our students the chance to encounter the world of work is invaluable in helping them make decisions that will ultimately impact the rest of their lives.

If you would like to get involved, we have identified some of the areas of highest impact that we would welcome your experience.  If you would like to be part of any of the below, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form or email directly using



Deliver an assembly or presentation
Some of the most powerful messages can often come from some of the smallest details. Sharing your career journey with students is more powerful than you can imagine, we would love you to share your journey with students and speak about your successes and failures along the way.

30 minutes

CV writing and mock interviews
Do you have experience interviewing prospectus employees? Sharing your experience of reading through and sorting CVs as well as the interview process and give our students a boost before they enter the world of work and employment.

1 – 3 hours

The world of apprenticeships is vast and exciting and often misunderstood by school leavers, hearing from providers first hand is invaluable. If you are in a position to be providing apprenticeships within the local area, we would love to hear from you and how we can support your workforce of tomorrow.

30 minutes – 1 hour

On-site visits and work experience
Every year we run our work experience programme for Year 10 students in May, if you could provide a placement or an experience day for a student in your place of work please get in touch.

1 – 5 days

Career Interviews



Destinations and Alumni

We love to hear how you have moved on once you have left us, please do keep in contact, if you would like to be part of our Alumni network and share your experiences with the current generation of young people, we would love to hear from you, you never know some of us might still be here… Please get in touch using

Chs destinations 2021

Parents and Carers

Thinking about and helping guide your students’ future careers can often seem a long way off in the distance, however the more we can speak to them about the positive journey through life a career can offer, the greater the variety of opportunities they will have available to them. It isn’t all about advertising jobs and asking, “do you want to be a police officer when you grow up?”, the conversation you can have with your children can be fascinating and enriching, try asking them why they love the subjects they love, what is it specifically about history that they find fascinating? What skills are they developing while they are in the classroom? It is becoming evident that we are raising a generation who are highly educated, by skilling them up to use their education dynamically is crucial.


World Skills UK
World Skills UK is a series of videos designed to break down different sectors into understandable bitesize snapshots of what skills are needed. Each one features an expert Skills Champion attempting to teach what is an everyday skill in their role.

How2Become is an experienced publisher of some of the best career guides and psychometric testing available, from interview techniques and advice from all sectors and guides on some of the most exciting careers on offer at the moment.

First Careers
With First Careers you can get behind the scenes of some of the UK’s most interesting jobs and find what’s right for you. Search through over 150 job profiles and discover career opportunities, inspiration and advice. First Careers offers guidance to primary and secondary school students in making decisions about future careers and professions.

PathwayCTM provides students with huge wealth of opportunity, every CHS student has completely free access to their software which enables to participate in virtual workshops based around CV writing, Interview preparation, Application writing and much more. They are also provided with a live calendar of in person and virtual events which provides deeper industry and employer insights and employment and work experience opportunities.

Additional information
Below are some additional information links, documents and resources for parents or carers that can be used to help guide conversations with your child about their choices and options:

Innervate Careers Newsletters

Summer 2023Spring 2023Autumn 2022Summer 2022


Parental Support Pack

Support for Parents and Guardians with speaking about apprenticeship opportunities for young people.
The national database of apprenticeships and opportunities available from all levels to suit all learner.


National Careers Service
Information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work.

A concise collection of the University courses available, what they entail, where to study them and what their requirements are



Have Your Say


Ms Lalli

Ms Lalli

Assistant Headteacher
Students are polite, respectful and show curiosity to learn. We support learning, enabling students to reach their full potential.   


Year 7
I felt welcomed by my tutor, Head of Year and Assistant Headteacher when I joined from my primary school.


Year 11
This is more than a school, this is our CHS Family!
Mr Ball

Mr Ball

PE Teacher
I am proud to teach at a school that values and loves every child for who they are. Here at Chertsey High School we look to develop children holistically and I couldn't imagine a better place to do it.


- Aug 24
🎉😄 What an amazing journey it’s been with our incredible Year 11s! We’re absolutely worn out from all the laughing, smiles, and celebrations we shared with them receiving their results this morning. 🎓🌟#CHSSuccess #ProudTeachers #BrightFutures @BourneTrust
- Apr 25
Thank you team English for hosting a wonderful house event last week to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday! Such a brilliant turn out from all year groups! 💜
- Apr 7
Happy Easter!
- Dec 23
Christmas day is nearly upon us! We hope all the last-minute planning and preparations are coming together ♥️“Step into Christmas” with our CHS family!! 👇 love you purple ship- MERRY CHRISTMAS! 🎄
- Dec 21
Here is an example of a Year 8 workshop lesson focusing on physical theatre. Student led learning with full engagement. @ Chertsey High School
- Dec 21
Throwback… how many of you remember the old music room in the old building? Loved that space! @ Chertsey High School
- Dec 21
Here is an example of a Year 8 workshop lesson focusing on physical theatre. Student led learning with full engagement. @ Chertsey High School
- Dec 21
Throwback… how many of you remember the old music room in the old building? Loved that space! @ Chertsey High School
- Dec 19
Have you considered instrument lessons for your Christmas present? We currently offer lessons in piano, voice, guitar, bass and drums. We are also looking to offer lessons in flute, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, trumpet and brass. If interested, please email Mr Hayter directly.
- Dec 18
We are partnering with @STSNetwork and @TeachFirst to deliver the reformed National Professional Qualifications.This partnership brings together the best local knowledge and context with the national experience and programmes of Teach First @teachfirstuk
- Dec 18
What an incredibly special day where we celebrated Mrs Munnik in her ‘Leavers Assembly’ and everything she has done for us over the last 7 years 💜 #love #chsfamily
- Dec 18
We are partnering with @STSNetwork and @TeachFirst to deliver the reformed National Professional Qualifications.This partnership brings together the best local knowledge and context with the national experience and programmes of Teach First @teachfirstuk
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