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Our mission is to advance the education of the pupils of the school by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education, not normally provided by the local education authority. We will do this by hosting a number of fundraising events throughout the year. The CHSA needs your support to ensure that we are able to do this. All parents, carers, guardians and staff are automatically members of CHSA.

The Committee



Tracy Adams - Regnerus



Sam Griffiths



Ian Gardner



Vice Treasurer 

Ruth Pender



Leigh-Anne Dimech 

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Staff Link Member 

Mrs Marques


The Committee Members

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Amanda Morgan


Mervi Tharani



Ali Leahy

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Natasha Porter



Kayleigh Slatter



Warren Busch


Ann Long 

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Helen Gardner

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Emma Bell


We believe that many hands do make light work! Please support us in our quest to raise funds for our school - while we have fun getting to know each other and grow as a CHS community.

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Through our fundraising, our mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education, not normally provided by the local education authority.

We do this by hosting fund raising events throughout the year. Events in the past have included quiz nights, cake sales, tuckshop, summer fair, year 7 welcome disco and more.




- Aug 5
Feeling unwell and not sure why? Don’t wait – get a Coronavirus test. It’s quick and free.
- Jul 31
Thank you so much @YESfutures for help guiding us through these last few months - we thoroughly enjoyed our daily challenges 💪. The program most definitely contributed to a more resilient and independent school community!#ChangingLives 💜
Nyumbani UK @NyumbaniUK - Jul 31
Would you like to be a #MyPRL Warrior for #NyumbaniUK ? It's time to get on your bike, trike, scooter or skateboard and help our schools! #blacklivesmatter #childrenlivingwithhiv #peoplelivingwithhiv #hotcoursesfoundation #education #fundraising #Kenya #livingwithhiv
- Jul 31
Day 31: Collect the gift you hid for yourself and celebrate! #HomeGrownSkills 💛Congratulations on completing a month of kind activities for yourself and others. Take what you have learnt this month and keep spreading kindness! 💛
- Jul 30
Day30: Think about what you could do everyday to be kind. #HomeGrownSkills 🌟Why not make a list of 7 things, then throughout the week pick one for each day? If you do more than one a day - even better! 🌟
- Jul 29
Day 29: Remember a time when someone was kind to you. How did it make you feel? #HomeGrownSkills Noting how someone else made you feel will help you understand the importance of passing on that feeling. Kindness is best when shared! 🌈
- Jul 28
Day 28: Think of how your favourite character in a story you like shows kindness 📚 #HomeGrownSkills What is it about them that makes them kind? How are they kind to other people? And how are they kind to themselves
- Jul 27
Day 27: Consider 3 ways you could care for yourself more. #HomeGrownSkills 💙There are many ways to care for yourself: getting outdoors more, taking 5 minutes to be still, speaking to others, or writing your thoughts down. What works for you? 💙
- Jul 26
Day 26: Praise someone for achieving their goal. #HomeGrownSkills Notice how they respond to you recognising their achievement. How did it make them feel?
Runnymede Council @RunnymedeBC - Jul 25
All of our playgrounds are now open for you and your family to enjoy. Please make sure you adhere to social distancing rules and wipe down any equipment after use to maintain a safe environment for all. For more information, visit:
- Jul 25
Day25: Make a treasure hunt for your family. #HomeGrownSkills Leave clues, hide gifts, and challenge your family to a treasure hunt! Will they have the resilience to get to the end 🗺
- Jul 24
Day24: If you’re struggling, take a break and try again later. #HomeGrownSkills 💡Sometimes a break will give you a moment to gain clarity on how you can overcome a challenge. 💡
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