Equality Objectives


The school believes that everyone is entitled to equality of opportunity regardless of race, age, physical ability, gender, sexual orientation, creed, culture or social class. For students there should be equality of access to the curriculum, extra- curricular activities, the student support system and the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of school life.


High quality education depends upon:

  • Equal opportunitiesThumbnail image
  • Justice and dignity for all
  • High expectations
  • A wider choice in life
  • An understanding of others


Discriminatory views and behaviour are not acceptable. They damage the spirit of the school. We will challenge behaviour and counsel those involved. We will help students to understand how such views develop and how knowledge and understanding can help break down prejudice

There are 3 sections to this statement: students, staff and community



  • All students sign the school’s home school agreement, including its commitment to equal opportunities.
  • Rewards and sanctions are applied in a fair and consistent manner.
  • Year 7 – 9 students are expected to wear school uniform 
  • Students benefit from the support of a tutor, who they meet daily in the middle of the learning day.
  • Students receive 6 progress reports each year.
  • Students receive mentoring from their tutor and often from peers from other year groups.
  • Students have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Academic and vocational courses are available to suit most students post-16.
  • Students are entitled to an effective range of teaching and learning styles.
  • Students are entitled to high expectations from their teachers, in order to help them achieve their full potential.
  • Students’ progress and achievement is monitored across all minority groups to ensure they are achieving to the level of their peers.
  • Sports and other activities are made available to the widest range of students possible.
  • Students are entitled to take part in curriculum visits and extra-curricular activities, regardless of socio-economic background or physical ability.
  • Students will have access to the school’s resources (for example - careers advice and other areas which will help their development).


Staff Recruitment

  • All staff have access to this policy
  • The school’s recruitment process aims to ensure fairness and good practice in all activities related to the appointments procedure
  • The school adopts a positive approach to ensure that the best possible candidate is chosen for a specific position, whilst endeavouring to ensure a suitable balance throughout the staff.
  • All candidates must be able to demonstrate an understanding and commitment to equal opportunities.


Staff Development

  • All staff will have access to appropriate staff development, often led by staff.
  • All new staff and Governors will be provided with a full induction programme which will incorporate information about the school and its commitment to equal opportunities.
  • The school ensures that all staff are invited to attend all social functions.
  • All staff are involved in the school’s performance management reviews.
  • Equal Opportunities issues should feature regularly in the Staff Development programme.



  • Opportunities are the same for all students regardless of where they live.
  • The school has an open door policy for all parents/carers
  • All students as appropriate (e.g. by Year group) benefit from member of the community who are invited in to speak on issues.
  • All requests for help with the community are considered.


Click Here To View Our Equality Statement Objectives


Mr Solaz

Mr Solaz

English Teacher/Assistant Head of Year 9
Enlightening minds and changing lives by creating a community with the highest aspirations - that is our goal!


Year 7
Within Chertsey High the teachers are extremely committed to making the best lessons they can to ensure the students can find their best way of learning.
Ms Lalli

Ms Lalli

Assistant Headteacher
Students are polite, respectful and show curiosity to learn. We support learning, enabling students to reach their full potential.   
Year 8

Year 8

The care and support of the teachers and the modern facilities will make your dreams become reality.  
Mr Ball

Mr Ball

PE Teacher
I am proud to teach at a school that values and loves every child for who they are. Here at Chertsey High School we look to develop children holistically and I couldn't imagine a better place to do it.


Year 8
This is more than a school, this is our CHS Family!


- Jul 30
A big thank you to our incredible parent community for their constant support and encouragement, all day, everyday… Your support is the main reason behind this successful year! @TAPunsungheroes #CHSfamily 💜 https://t.co/QGdXKk4EOA
- Jul 28
‘Being a role model is the most power form of educating’ ~ John Wooden We are so proud of Tommy and his friend!Well done boys, you are a shining beacon of the positive impact our CHS students can make to society. #changinglivestogether #CHSfamily 💜 @RunnymedeBC #Chertsey https://t.co/3SfYMoMjr0
- Jul 22
📣Calling all CHS students! Local football team @TheCurfews Chertsey Town Juniors U14’s looking for players for next season. ⚽️ Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to play for a friendly, local community football team! https://t.co/2appAJ4NGN
- Jul 19
📣Don’t miss out on the Surrey Teen project provision during the Summer Holiday! Surrey County Council have a Club4 programme to provide free places to all students that receive Free School meals. Please make sure to sign up via their website: 👇https://t.co/Mpr9mMMpy8 https://t.co/kAlU95tzUW
- Jul 17
Thank you so much to @GabbyLogan for sending our CHS students this special message yesterday before our Awards Assemblies - you made our day!!! 💜 #rolemodel #dreambigworkhard #CHSfamily https://t.co/ZFrq946vxz
- Jul 16
That's a wrap for the 2020-21 Academic Year. It has been a challenging year but we are so proud of the resilience and enthusiasm that our whole school community has shown this year. It shows that great things can be achieved even during the hardest of times. 💜 https://t.co/fQrSQzi81c
- Jul 15
What a fabulous day raising money for @White_Lodge💜❤️💜❤️ 📣A big thank you to our incredible Y10 ambassadors for planning such a diligent and eventful day! The day ended with our first ever staff vs student Football ⚽️ match… Results: Staff 1 - Y10s 0 💥 💥 💥 https://t.co/zuRRlfZpOE
- Jul 15
Yesterday one-to-one #Coaching sessions with our #RisingFutures students were in full swing!✨ Hannah, their Programme Manger, was so impressed with their progress, in preparation for #selfcoaching! Thank you @YESfutures for changing lives! https://t.co/bJMYk608JQ https://t.co/W8Jrzi1P81
- Jul 14
It’s time for our first annual Football Festival tomorrow - raising money for White Lodge. Find out the details of the day below. Thank you once again to all the year 10’s involved 💫 absolute stars ⭐️ https://t.co/YrtC6L5nRP
- Jul 14
Our staff did not miss out on the fun either!! Mr Corry and Miss Castle Smith showcasing their competitiveness 🤪 https://t.co/QNrJbsVyMf
- Jul 14
‘Let’s never stop making memories together!’ Thank you to all our students for an unforgettable day filled with so much fun; laughter and SUGAR 🤪 The best launch to our first ever CHS fest 🤩 #makingmemories2021 💜 https://t.co/p8xWuusMWS
- Jul 13
A wave of appreciation flags hit us when we walked up the stairs this morning. Messages of appreciation written by the students to the staff to say thanks for all the work staff put in to help them thrive.We are blown away by this kind and humble gesture - we love you CHS 💜 https://t.co/cPuc8XATtT
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