Year 8

"Success is a continuing thing. It is the GROWTH and development in achieving one thing and using it as a steppingstone to achieve something else" 

Miss Gardner

Miss Seaton Ms Lalli


Head of Year 8


Assistant Head of Year 8


Assistant Headteacher

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In Year 8, students start to explore which subjects they wish to pursue through to GCSE level. As such, this is a pivotal year, and one that students should embrace fully to ensure they make the right choices when they transition into Year 9. 

As in every year group upholding Chertsey High School values are key to success in Year 8. Students are helped to build resilience and determination, and to accept that making mistakes is a crucial part of learning. Above all, as they progress further into their studies, Year 8 students are encouraged to be independent and engaged every day whilst continuing to develop GROWTH values in order to succeed to the best of their ability. Year 8 GROWTH values are: Gratitude, Resilience, Ownership, Willingness, Teamwork and Hard Work all which when demonstrated lead to social, academic, and emotional growth. 

Outside of the classroom, a wider range of extra-curricular activities are available. Alongside the school’s fantastic selection of lunchtime and afterschool clubs, Year 8 students also have opportunities to play a role in the wider community. 

Above all, Year 8 students are supported to try their best each day, to build positive relationships with their teachers and their peers, and, most importantly, to make progress and enjoy their learning. 


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