Life Skills

Maximising Success Workshop

Chertsey High School has been working alongside the Life Skills Company since the school opened in 2017.


The ‘in-person’ or ‘online & live’ workshops helps students to revise effectively, enjoyably and proactively.  The workshops support students of all ages, along their journey towards Year 10 and 11, helping them to boost GCSE results - no matter their ability.   We believe in introducing these sessions as early as possible, so as to get pupils in to good learning habits at an earlier stage of their school career.


Whether 'in-person' or 'online & live', these fun and active workshops fit well within the school day.  Students explore THREE principles of effective learning, TWELVE different revision techniques and a system of proactive revision. They leave the session feeling better motivated and empowered, having chosen three or four preferred revision techniques which they can use proactively throughout their school career and beyond.


‘Maximising Success’ is also supplemented by additional training for staff, which helps staff to revisit the principles of effective and enjoyable revision, understand the twelve different revision techniques and agree how they can best reinforce the techniques in the classroom.


Please find below some feedback from students that have participated in Maximising Success workshops:

What Students Say:

  • Made revision seem a lot more interesting and gave me new ideas.
  • Helped me decide how to revise to get the best mark possible.
  • I liked the way we explored different revision techniques and tested them out.
  • The tips were fantastic, the techniques worked and there were plenty of interaction.
  • It helped a lot with my grades as now I can have fun with revision.
  • Taught me a lot about enjoyable and helpful ways to learn.
  • Helped me find effective techniques for revision.
  • Very interactive and taught me new ways to revise.
  • Will help me prepare for the mocks and GCSEs that are coming up.
  • Fun, helpful and motivational.


Revision Techniques

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