Times of the School Day

Students are welcome in school from 8.00am onwards each day for lessons, library work and extra-curricular activities.

The school timetable is organised into thirty 50 minute lessons each week. There are six lessons a day, over an alternating two-week schedule (A week and B week). The day also incorporates registration, assembly time and flexible movement time between periods. Students will have two assemblies each week in their year-groups: one led by their Head of Year, the other by a member of the school's leadership team.



8.50 – 9.10


9.10 – 10.05

Period 1

10.05 – 10.55

Period 2

10.55 – 11.15


11.15 – 12:10

Period 3

12.10 – 1:00

Period 4

1:00 – 1.45


1.45 – 2.40

Period 5

2.40 – 3.30

Period 6


Where needed, additional interventions will take place during the school day. The school will be staffed until 4:30pm every day (except Friday) which will allow students to complete homework in the school until that time.

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