Times of the School Day

Students are welcome in school from 8.00am onwards each day for lessons, library work and extra-curricular activities.

The school timetable is organised into thirty 50 minute lessons each week. There are six lessons a day, over an alternating two-week schedule (A week and B week). The day also incorporates registration, assembly time and flexible movement time between periods. Students will have two assemblies each week in their year-groups: one led by their Head of Year, the other by a member of the school's leadership team.



8.50 – 9.10


9.10 – 10.05

Period 1

10.05 – 10.55

Period 2

10.55 – 11.15


11.15 – 12:10

Period 3

12.10 – 1:00

Period 4

1:00 – 1.45


1.45 – 2.40

Period 5

2.40 – 3.30

Period 6


Where needed, additional interventions will take place during the school day. The school will be staffed until 4:30pm every day (except Friday) which will allow students to complete homework in the school until that time.

2020/2021 Times of the School Day

In terms of timings of a school day in 2020/2021, we can also confirm that we will start the day slightly earlier and finish slightly earlier in the afternoon. Please note that students will be more than welcome to join our popular breakfast club each morning where they are able to enjoy free porridge. For those parents that will find it difficult to commit to the earlier pick up, students will still be allowed to stay in school until 5pm. This will be the perfect opportunity for students to complete homework or take part in extra curricular activities.

Timings Session
8:00 - 8:20 Breakfast Served in dining hall
8:30 - 8:50 Tutor Time
8:50 - 9:50  Period 1
9:50 - 10:50 Period 2
10:50 - 11:10                     Break
11:10 - 12:10 Period 3
12:10 - 13:10 Period 4
13:10 - 14:00 Lunch 
14:00 - 15:00 Period 5
15:00 Home time





Miss Brazier

Miss Brazier

SENCO & Assistant Headteacher
I am delighted to be part of the SLT as well as SENCO. Students are polite, respectful and show curiosity to learn. We support learning enabling students to reach their full potential.
Mrs Willoughby

Mrs Willoughby

Maths Teacher
Creating a passion in children for maths is the best feeling in the world. That moment when a child's face lights up because they understand!
Year 9

Year 9

Within Chertsey High the teachers are extremely committed to making the best lessons they can to ensure the students can find their best way of learning.
Year 8

Year 8

There is so much opportunity to excel here and the amazing staff have guided me to where I am now. The hospitality shown here is great and I have learnt so much.  
Year 8

Year 8

The care and support of the teachers and the modern facilities will make your dreams become reality.  
Mr Hicks

Mr Hicks

Head of Year 7
I am proud to teach at a school that values and loves every child for who they are. Here at Chertsey High School we look to develop children holistically and I couldn't imagine a better place to do it.
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