Organising your homework

How should I record homework?

In your diary! Write clear instructions and include the due date. If you get no homework from a subject, write ‘none set’. You should also find homework details on Arbor.

When should I give it in?

On-time! Check your diary every evening so you can meet every deadline.

Where should I do my homework?

At home! A quiet place with no distractions. Use a desk/ table with good light. There are also opportunities to stay at school to study; ask your tutor.

What items would it be useful for me to have at home?

Notepad and paper

Post-it stickers

Highlighter pens

Pinboard for notices


Revision books, etc

Why do I need to do my homework?

Working at home develops independent learning, consolidates and reinforces learning, encourages self-discipline, develops the ability to research and a stronger partnership between pupil, parent and teacher.

Who can I ask for help?

Ask teachers, parents, older brothers and sisters, grandparents, friends, librarians etc. Any of these people could be a valuable source of information.

Where else can I find information?

Books, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, CD-ROM’s, the Internet etc.

How much should I be doing?

  • The minimum you should do each night depends on your year group. As you get older the expectations are greater.
  • More important than the time spent is the quality of work you produce.
  • If there is no homework set or you finish quickly, use the time for that subject to go over notes, learn vocabulary, revise for exams, practise spellings, read, practise questions etc.
  • If you miss a lesson, make sure you catch up on classwork and homework.


Students who regularly complete homework are more successful in exams. Presentation is important. Always do your homework as carefully as you can, proofread your work for spelling, punctuation etc. before handing it in.

How can parents help?

Check your son’s/daughter’s homework diary daily to ensure work is recorded.

  • Supervise as much as possible and check homework on completion.
  • Encourage reading as a family activity.
  • Ensure they have packed all the materials they need for the next day.
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