SEND and the Curriculum

Our Inclusion Manager is Ms Sonya Brazier   

At Chertsey High School we are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all our students, whatever their needs or abilities.

SEN Code of Practice 2014 Every Child Matters Agenda ‘We want every child to fulfill their potential, regardless of their background or circumstances’ and to achieve this we will:

  • Help students achieve the highest educational standard they possibly can;
  • Deal with bullying and discrimination and keep students safe;
  • Ensure attendance, encourage students to behave responsibly and give them a strong voice in the life of the school;
  • Engage and help parents in actively supporting their children’s learning and development.

(taken from our SEN policy)


At Chertsey High, we share the belief that all children have an equal right to a full and rounded education, which will enable them to achieve their full potential. We use our best endeavours to secure special educational provision for pupils for whom this is required, that is ‘additional to and different from’ that provided within the differentiated curriculum to better respond to the four areas of need identified in the Code of Practice (September 2014):

  • Communication and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Social, mental and emotional health
  • Sensory/physical

We ensure that both children and parents are appropriately involved in all discussions and decisions about individual support and provision. The children’s needs are always at the heart of our provision and decision-making.


At Chertsey High we pay attention to the 4 principles of Inclusion:

  • We welcome all children regardless of race, gender, physical need or learning ability
  • We set suitable learning challenges
  • We respond to pupils' diverse learning needs
  • We aim to overcome potential barriers to learning

The children at Chertsey High School are taught to help one another and respect each other's differences.


English as an Additional Language

Chertsey High School provides an education for all which acknowledges and is enriched by the diversity of ethnicity, culture and faith of its pupils. Equality of access to the curriculum for all pupils, including those for whom English is an Additional Language, is ensured by a whole school approach. This comprises a learning environment that encompasses a varied range of teaching and learning strategies, multicultural and multilingual resources and displays, and whole school celebrations that embrace a wide range of world cultural events. (taken from our EAL policy)

The monitoring of EAL students’ progress and development is shared between all staff. Individual student profiles are kept updated with relevant information and regular assessment tasks both indicate students’ progress and inform curriculum planning. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning by setting their own targets for achievement and assessing their own progress. (taken from our EAL policy)

We are delighted that our school represents a rich cultural diversity, with children that speak many different languages as well as English.

We use REMA Ethnic & Language Minority Support services where necessary which focuses on supporting identified pupils. The type and extent of intervention is negotiated and agreed to reflect the specific requirements of our school and the learning needs of our pupils.

The team also provides language assessments and advises a school on working with parents from minority ethnic/language communities, with asylum seekers and refugees, and with bilingual pupils who also have Special Educational Needs. Direct teaching support may be provided to enhance bilingual learners’ English language acquisition and access to the curriculum.

If you or your child need help with any aspect of English as it is not your home language, please come and speak to us. The class teacher will be pleased to offer advice and refer to our SENCO who oversees our EAL provision.

Within this section of the website, practical information can be found to aid parents in supporting children with an additional need, both in school and out. This includes links to useful websites, resources and local events taking place within the community.

If you have any concerns about your child’s learning please contact Mrs Baldwin who will arrange a meeting with our SENCO Ms Brazier.

EAL Poster


The Personalised Learning Pathway for pupils at Chertsey High School

  1. ONE PAGE PROFILE: All pupils develop a one page profile which outlines their strengths, aspirations and details the support they need to learn and achieve well. This will involve collecting views from parents, teachers and peers. (Pupils already identified as having SEN will have additional 1:1 support to develop their profile).
  2. PROVISION MAPPING: Through rigorous assessment and monitoring, some pupils will be identified as needing provision that is additional to or different from that which is provided at a Wave 1 Quality first inclusive teaching level. In consultation with parents and the pupil some more specific intervention will be planned and detailed on the class provision map. This will be reviewed on a termly basis and monitored by the SENCO.
  3. PUPIL PASSPORT: In consultation with the SENCO and parents, identified pupils will be placed on the SEND register and provided with a pupil passport which outlines their needs; sets long and short term person centred outcomes and outlines the support plan in place. Any agreed 'wave 2 and 3' provision will also be detailed on the class provision map and evidence will be gathered. This will be reviewed in line with the SEND monitoring cycle. The pupil may at this stage be referred to an outside agency.
  4. EHCP: If appropriate intervention and support has taken place (including support from outside agencies) but there are still concerns about a pupil's progress and/or attainment, the SENCO will consult with the class teacher and parents to discuss the need to start the application process for an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP). Evidence will be gathered, and an application made. The EHCP will provide top up funding in addition to the £6,000 already funded by the school.


Supporting you on your journey to adulthood booklet is produced by the Surrey Transition Team to explain how they can support students when they move from Children’s Social Care to Adult Social Care services. 

Please Click Here To Download The Booklet



SENCO Designate 

SEN Administrator 


Miss Brazier


Ms Willoughby


Ms Baldwin


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SEND Date  
SEN Intent 01st Sep 2020 Download
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EAL Policy 01st Sep 2020 Download
Useful links for SEND 01st Sep 2020 Download
SEND Policy 01st Sep 2020 Download
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Mr Solaz

Mr Solaz

English Teacher/Assistant Head of Year 9
Enlightening minds and changing lives by creating a community with the highest aspirations - that is our goal!


Year 7
Within Chertsey High the teachers are extremely committed to making the best lessons they can to ensure the students can find their best way of learning.
Ms Lalli

Ms Lalli

Assistant Headteacher
Students are polite, respectful and show curiosity to learn. We support learning, enabling students to reach their full potential.   
Year 8

Year 8

The care and support of the teachers and the modern facilities will make your dreams become reality.  
Mr Ball

Mr Ball

PE Teacher
I am proud to teach at a school that values and loves every child for who they are. Here at Chertsey High School we look to develop children holistically and I couldn't imagine a better place to do it.


Year 8
This is more than a school, this is our CHS Family!


- Nov 27
A massive thank you to the CHSA and all the volunteers that made today’s Christmas Fair so successful! We were overwhelmed by the support from our local community. CHS has shown itself to be a true school for the community, and we couldn't be prouder. @BourneTrust #Chertsey
- Nov 27
After months of planning, lots of hard work and a great team of Mums & Dad's, it's finally here 🎄 💫 🎁 Come and show your support and join in the fun, it's going to be a great afternoon ❤️💚💛 #CHSfamily #CHSA #bestparentsever
- Nov 27
Date for your diaries 📆 We would like to invite all parents of children with ASD and ADHD to come and join our 2nd parent afternoon tea on the 2nd February, for a chance to share your experiences and advice with one another. 💜 #CHSfamily
- Nov 25
Congratulations to our poets 🥳 We had some absolutely fantastic entries and we’re so proud of everyone who took part! Our winner had to be Ema who used lovely structural techniques and brought some sunshine to these cold winter days! Well done👏 #poetrylovers #poetrycommunity 💜
- Nov 25
This is simply stunning 🤩 @StJudesHead
- Nov 25
Friendly early reminder to all parents and carers to ensure there is enough money on your child’s ParentPay account for a delicious Christmas Lunch on the 8th December (Main Meal & Pudding £2.95)
Teach SouthEast @teachsoutheast - Nov 24
Not long until the DfE Train to Teach events! To meet us face to face we will be at The Congress Centre, London, on Saturday (27th) or if you would prefer to chat remotely we are involved in the virtual event for Reading on Monday (29th) @getintoteaching #traintoteach
- Nov 24
It was the turn of the year 9 rugby team to visit local club Chobham RFC who kindly organised a tournament. 🏉This was a great exercise for a number of students who haven’t played much rugby since year 7 💪🏻 🔥lots of positives which they should be proud of!
- Nov 24
Today year 7 to year 10 took part in the District cross-country competition. Special mention to Roake who came second with a photo finish at the end just missing out on first place in the year 8 girls competition 🔥👏🏻 Brilliant performances all round 💪🏻 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ #crosscountry
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Word of the week for week beginning 22nd November: Root Word: ‘Fract’
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Scripture of the week for week beginning 22nd November: Matthew 5:9
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Theme of the week for week beginning 22nd November: Peace
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