Our Development Targets for 20/21

Enlightening Minds; Changing Lives

- Chertsey High School

At Chertsey High School we strive to find and nurture the brilliance in every student in our community through a well-balanced and broad curriculum which develops character and fosters aspirations towards ambitious outcomes with a positive approach to wellbeing. This is achieved through an uncompromising approach to excellence where the highest standards and expectations form the basis of everyday learning, driven by Leadership within - and outside of the classroom - underpinned by our core values: Knowledge, Determination and Love.

CHS Pillars FINAL Leadership 01

Leadership – “Successfully ensure that the highly aspirational principles upon which the school was founded upon are put into practice”.

CHS Pillars FINAL Learning 01

Learning – “Pupils consistently achieve highly, particularly the most disadvantaged. Pupils with SEND achieve the best possible outcomes”.

CHS Pillars FINAL Character 01

Character – “Consistently goes ‘the extra mile’ to promote the personal development of pupils, so that they have access to a rich set of experiences.”

CHS Pillars FINAL Wellbeing 01

Wellbeing – “Pupils consistently have highly positive attitudes and commitment to their education. They are persistent in the face of difficulties.”

CHS Pillars FINAL Community 01

Community – “Engage parents and our community thoughtfully and positively in a way that supports pupils’ education”.


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