Our Development Targets for 21/22

Enlightening Minds; Changing Lives

- Chertsey High School

At Chertsey High School we strive to find and nurture the brilliance in every student in our community through a well-balanced and broad curriculum which develops character and fosters aspirations towards ambitious outcomes with a positive approach to wellbeing. This is achieved through an uncompromising approach to excellence where the highest standards and expectations form the basis of everyday learning, driven by Leadership within - and outside of the classroom - underpinned by our core values: Knowledge, Determination and Love


Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) - "We want to ensure that we now build on this strong commitment to EDI through collaborative delivery of inclusive practice in all that we do. The purpose of this approach is to empower our pupils and staff."


Quality of Education - "The purpose of this approach is not only to adjust the curriculum successfully in response to the challenges of lockdown but also in our strategy to convert more good lessons to outstanding."


Behaviour & Attitudes - "Behaviours and attitudes are a real strength at CHS. We need to continue to ensure any interventions are proactive rather than reactive as this is the corner stone of our positive learning environment."


Personal Development - "We support students to develop in many diverse aspects of life and provide them with plentiful opportunities to do so."


Leadership & Management - "The vision for the school is simple: to prepare students to achieve academically and socially for the life and careers ahead of them."


Southcote LAN Centre Provision - "Our ambition is that the introduction of the Southcote Centre in Chertsey High School will also be an opportunity for  the school to strengthen its local partnerships and our inclusion offer to all children and young people."


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