Face Coverings

Based on recent high-profile discussion about the use and merits of face coverings in public places and, more recently, in schools, The Bourne Education Trust has taken the proactive decision to ask staff, students and visitors to its schools to wear face coverings. Chertsey High School is in full agreement with this decision and a letter has been sent to parents with full details and rationale. Face coverings will be required in all communal areas and corridors (with some discretion) but not in classrooms or outside areas. Face coverings may be homemade or bought, reusable or disposable but should be as plain as possible and not carry any advertising or message / images which might be controversial.

Letter from Mrs Munnik - Face Coverings


It is really important for all of us to remember that a face covering does not protect the person wearing it. It protects other people from the wearer. Face coverings must not be confused with PPE face masks which are issued to frontline medical staff.

The following documentation will provide vital information:

BET - Face Covering Guidelines

Gov Guidance - How to make a cloth face covering WHO - How to wear a fabric mask safely



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