Message from the Headteacher

A rich educational experience... from school to home.

We miss our students – we miss our normal. I am so looking forward to welcoming our students back to school, with all the energy, enthusiasm and life that they bring to our school family.  Whilst our doors are locked our hearts remain open.  


- Zelia Munnik, Headteacher

During the temporary school closure as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Chertsey High School remains committed to providing a full and varied educational experience.

Students are continuing to make excellent academic progress thanks to live online lessons, 1-1 help and supported independent learning in every subject on the curriculum. However, our online programme covers far more than core academics – we owe it to the students to make the most of this unique period of time.

Our students benefit from a full programme of pastoral care,  assemblies, SEN support, PSHE and career advice events. We have been running a range of sports and fitness programmes / challenges, leadership assemblies, a virtual Creativity club, House events and more.

We also remain open to the community and have offered education for children of key workers and vulnerable children every day.


Our Remote Learning Objectives:

  • Happy children, calm staff – teaching and learning with confidence and making progress.
  • Opportunity for regular live contact every lesson with each teacher.
  • Enabling students and teachers to work as flexibly as possible.
  • Full clarity when setting work, ensuring students have more time to engage with activities.
  • Particular advice and tailored content is being provided at both key stages.


Pastoral Care

At all times, pastoral care is our top priority. We offer support to our parents through our weekly Wellbeing Drop-in sessions where our experienced Student Liaison Officer, Mrs Howard, provides guidance and advice to any families that might struggle during this time. 

A daily 'Thought For the Day' sent from staff to students provides gentle reassurance and spiritual guidance to unite our community in this time of estrangement. . You can access the thoughts for the day here

The Sports department has launched CHS Active, encompassing sport, games and physical wellbeing. We have introduced 3 challenges to the CHS family, focusing on not only core stability, movement and strength but also focus on getting our families active whilst building upon our strong community spirit. 


We miss our ordinary. Because it’s far from it.

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