Online Interviews

During the 2020/21 lockdowns we were honoured to virtually interview various professionals who gave up a period of their time to speak about their careers.  These interviews focused on their journeys through their industry that has led them to where they are now, as well as some of the aspects of their jobs that often go unseen.


If you would like to get involved or know someone who might be interested please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form or email directly using


Nina Joubert

Nina is a Managing Director of a multinational financial services company. She has extensive experience in the financial services industry, across Life insurance, banking and investment management.


Neil Ashdown

Neil is an Oxford graduate now studying for a PhD in cyber security at Royal Holloway University. He has previous experience in editing and analysis while working in security and defence with a focus on geopolitical issues.


Terence Loughran

Terence “Big Tel” Loughran spent a career in the Royal Navy leaving as a Rear Admiral. He has experience in a multitude of roles from Officer through to helicopter pilot aboard an aircraft carrier, culminating in the title of Rear Admiral of the Royal Navy.


Adele Cutting 

Adele is a BAFTA award winning audio director, who has been working in the games industry for over 20 years. After leaving National Film and Television School she worked in film before moving into the games industry to work at Electronic Arts. After 15 years she formed the games audio outsourcing company Soundcuts Ltd.


Gabby Sutton

Gabby is working as an aircraft engineer with Virgin Atlantic, having joined them through their graduate scheme after graduating in Aerospace Engineering. She has worked within many of Virgin Atlantic’s Engineering departments from Technical Operations team in the Operations Control Centre through to physically changing a landing light on an aircraft wing.


Cpl Collett and LCpl Kirkman

An interview directed by our students for Cpl Collett, who now serves in the recruitment department but has previously worked an a multitude of roles and LCpl Kirman who works in the HR department.  Questions asked on our students behalf, everything from entry requirements, through to how it compares to their favourite computer games, it would seem nothing is off limit. 


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