Homework, independent work or work set to complete out of class is an intrinsic part of your child's education. A child's full potential will be reached only when he or she is prepared to commit to the idea that learning does not stop at 3.00 pm on a schoolday; it can and should continue (within reason) in the evenings, at weekends and in school holidays. Tasks are set for a number of reasons:

  • Assessment and feedback - it is by looking at independent work that teachers truly understand how well a student understands a subject and can address misconceptions
  • Reinforcement - students need to practise skills in order to retain knowledge in their long-term memory
  • Extension - not all students work at the same rate or ability levels. Independent tasks are the ideal opportunity for teachers to challenge students (and for students to challenge themselves)
  • Pre-learning - this is a particularly effective method of learning for more able students, and is widely used in colleges and universities. The content of a topic is learnt in advance, so that the teacher is able to focus on higher order thinking skills during the lesson
  • Research - similar to above, this helps to engage younger students' interest
  • Revision - learning how to retrieve knowledge from long-term memory, understanding time managment, exam questions and rubrics, coping with stress  - these are all specific skills that need to be practised

Homework tasks are usually set on Teams, although students must also record tasks and due dates in their planners.

Please use this link to take you to homework timetables:


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