Parent Evenings

Parent Evenings

We believe in the power of collaboration between students, families, and teachers for ongoing student success. When attending these evenings parents get to visit our school and meet teachers, get updates on your child's progress, and leave fully informed about their academic journey. It's a great way to strengthen the partnership between us. Research consistently shows that when parents are actively engaged in their child's learning journey, students are more likely to excel academically and develop essential life skills.

All parents’ evenings are held on Wednesdays and take place either in the school or online. Your child’s Head of Year will write to you with further details on how to book appointments in the weeks prior to the evening.

Year Group



Year 11

Face to Face

6th December 2023

Year 10


10th January 2024

Year 7

Face to Face

28th February 2024

Year 9


13th March 2024

Year 8


17th April 2024


Parent Information Evenings

By watching our Parent Information Evening videos, you will gain insights into our curriculum, teaching methods, and the resources available to your child. This knowledge empowers you to reinforce and extend the learning experience beyond the classroom, providing a solid foundation for their future.

The presentations for the Year 7 and Year 11 in-person talks will be uploaded to this page in due course.

Year 8 Parent Information Evening Video 2023/24

Year 9 Parent Information Evening Video 2023/24

Year 10 Parent Information Evening Video 2023/24

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